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Hello and welcome to my blog. After spending 180 dollars on a masterclass subscription, so I could listen to famous authors tell me how they got that way, I decided to make this blog. There are probably a lot of writers out there who are scared and probably struggling with their writing and looking for inspiration, so I'm writing this blog to share my story so hopefully, it will inspire others.
A little about my self is that I'm probably too young to be writing this blog or the books that I'll be talking about on this blog. Also, I rarely get writer's block. Normally instead have no ideas I have too many. I currently have 17 book ideas laying around and no clue which one to start.
This blog is one of my many projects. So I'm going to update once a week, on Sunday. This is basically gonna be a journal of my experiences. I also update every other week on Wattpad. I have to book there named Evil Is Made, Outer Demons and The Depressed Protagonist Coalition.

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