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Starting or running a school org/club?

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🤯 What is this template?

This doc is an all-in-one solution for helping you start or run your org. Lets start by diagnosing some of your potential problems. Is turnout low to your meetings/events? Find it hard finding new members to join your club? Any difficulty keeping track of active members, satellite members, and where they all stand in your org? Well I’ve been working on a solution to address some of that! Imagine having a group of engaged prospective club members who’ve you never met before!

🚪 Why I made this

I’m currently a college student who’s pretty active in this school org I’m in, and I realized how disorganized most clubs were on campus. There often wasn’t one single source of truth for an org, they usually just had an Instagram and a newsletter. This creates a paradox where you don’t feel like a part of the club until you come to an event, and are afraid to come to an event because you don’t know anything about the club. There are also smaller needs like keeping in touch with alumni and organize club initiatives.

🔨 How to use this doc

Now let’s get to how to actually use the doc!
This All in One club template is broken up into a few parts
Onboarding prospective members asynchronously
A reading list or resource list that grow people’s understanding of the club
Leaderboards to track club member engagement
Universally updated club information and club meetings
Keeping track of club members/board and alumni
Interactive FAQ for club members

To get started creating the ultimate all in one org doc in your entire school, start by copying this doc and customizing it yourself!
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About the Author:

is currently a junior @ , Growth Fellow @
, and an incoming Associate Product Manager Intern @ .
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