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Design Cast Podcast 32 - Craig Kemp: Ignite EdTech

Introduction: Please tell a little bit about yourself.
Craig Kemp- Primary trained teacher but taught across multiple curriculums, in multiple countries from Grade 1-10; Originally from NZ - that is still home. Moved to Singapore almost 9 years ago. Last role was at Stamford for 5 years as Director of ICT and Innovation. Left in June last year and now work as a consultant supporting schools and edtech companies from all over the world be successful, strategic and purposeful about their use of technology to add value to student learning.
1. Can you elaborate on your experiences that lead up to you becoming a teacher?
Didn’t know what I wanted to do
Coached a lot of sport
Mum was a teacher and I loved helping her out
Dad was IT manager at local hospital
Inspired by their work and the potential in helping others grow
2. Describe your current educational situation
EdTech consultant helping schools and EdTech companies thrive in a constantly evolving landscape
3. What has been easy for implementation of a new edu-business? Where have you found resources?
Connections from Twitter helped me grow and scale quickly.
I moved into consultancy slowly from part time to full time - I didn’t have a lot of people help me along the way but having others there to help guide, support and mentor is invaluable.
Building a team of people (http://igniteedtech.com/ourteam) was easy because I am connected to so many amazing people - this team is going to move mountains - if you need help in any, way shape or form, ask!
I have found resources in my online PLN mostly … invaluable at the moment!
4. What have been some challenges? How have you addressed these challenges?
Covid - same as everyone
First 12 months were crazy, amazing and diverse - then covid hit and things have slowed down
Work is quiet but expected - but it has helped me diversify my business and how I support
Lots of free online webinars and opportunities to create - I started my podcast which is thriving )The EdTech Chat podcast) and I have diversified my business to be supporting a lot of EdTech companies and startups as an advisor to help them connect better to schools because I use to feel there was such a disconnect when working as an EdTech Director
5. What is your vision for the consultant business and podcast?
Vision for my podcast - To help as many people as possible learn, grow and connect through short, 30 minute weekly episodes focussed on EdTech
Vision for consultancy business, igniteedtech, is to grow the team of passionate educators to help more people move from surviving to thriving in the constantly changing landscape we find ourselves in
6. What are you really excited about at the moment?
Two things actually - one is EdTech tools that I am blown away by at the moment and the other is the Singapore Governments reaction to the digital divide.
When covid struck, like many countries, it was obvious here that there were issues with the equitable access to resources. The sG government had a 7-year plan in place to get devices in the hands of all children aged 12+ but thanks to covid the SG government reacted fast and invested in ensuring all students will have devices by the end of 2021 - an amazing feat and investment in the future of this country that my family and I love so much! It is exciting times indeed!
The other is related to EdTech tools. I always get excited by EdTech Tools but 2 in particular have blown me away in the last month or so - the first is Education Perfect (please share this: http://educationperfect-6875745.hs-sites.com/epforschool) who provide an agile and data driven learning system for students 10+ in nearly all curriculum areas with alignment to most curriculums around the globe. I have seen so many schools thrive thanks to Education perfect during covid. The second tool is a new one for me called Hologo World (please share http://hologo.world) an immersive AR app that aligns with curriculum and learning objectives, packed full of amazing content and what I love most is there willingness to work alongside schools, districts and countries to tailor their solution to solve the needs of the organisation. They have been co-creating content and if people are interested in getting in early they should do so - I am VERY impressed. If people want a direct connection they can connect with me and I will pass on CEO details of both organisations …..
What is one EdTech Tool you cannot live without? My calendar - I am an organised person and I love a list that keeps me on track (mini shoutout to Google Keep as well)
What book would you recommend that everyone read right now? Simon Sinek Start with Why
Who do we need to follow on Twitter at the moment? I am connected with 44,000 so it is a tricky one because my PLN is amazing - I would recommend following hashtags like #whatisschool, #edtech, #edchat, #asiaED and #aussieED to connect with amazing people
Best YouTube channel for educators? I love what Sethi De Clercq does - he is a great guy, extremely talented, inspiring and knows his stuff - his youtube channel is called EduFlip
Where do you go to get inspiration? Twitter - everything I need, when I want it at the touch of a button …..
8. How can people connect with you?
Website or Blog:
YouTube Channel:
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