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Migrating existing accounts

The sbgrid-cli migrate-account command allows a user to change accounts. This can be useful when moving between SBGrid member labs or to change from legacy SBGrid account to a new account. This is required for installation of BioGrids with SBGrid.
The “migrate-account” process does not require reinstallation or extensive changes to the software collection. A network connection and a recent relatively release of sbgrid-cli is required.

sbgrid-cli migrate-account usage

$ ./sbgrid-cli migrate-account --help
SBGrid Installer 2.2.40 e4c704acc0 — _______ _____ _ __ / __/ _ )/ ___/___(_)__/ / _\ \/ _ / (_ / __/ / _ / /___/____/\___/_/ /_/\_,_/ C o n s o r t i u m
USAGE — migrate-account ▸ sbgrid-cli migrate-account [site] [user] [key] [OPTIONS...]

[site] The installation site provided with your new account credentials [user] The username provided with your new account credentials [key] The activation key provided with your new account credentials
-c, --custom-config <config> Specify a custom configuration file (the new account credentials will be overwritten to the same location) --darwin Specify macOS as a platform --linux Specify Linux as a platform
-h, --help Display global help or command-related help. -V, --version Display version. --no-color Disable use of colors in output. -v, --verbose Verbose mode: will also output debug messages. --quiet Quiet mode - only displays warn and error messages. --silent Silent mode: does not output anything, giving no indication of success or failure other than the exit code. -y, --yes Skips confirmation prompts --no-progress-bar Disables the progress bar

Migration in 3 steps (download, untar, account_migrate)

The sbgrid-cli has a migration function to migrate between two SBGrid accounts. You only need to run three commands. In a terminal, run:
Download the latest version of the sbgrid-cli with the curl command. You can also use a browser.
On macOS :
$ curl -k -LO
On Linux:
$ curl -k -LO
Decompress and untar the archive
$ tar -zxf sbgrid-cli_macos.tar.gz
Run the migration command. The “./” preceding the command will execute the downloaded and decompressed file from the current directory.
$ ./sbgrid-cli migrate-account
You will be prompted for a new site, username, and key.
$ ./sbgrid-cli migrate-account✔ Enter the new site name … smith_b_123i✔ Enter the new username … jdoe✔ Enter the new key … nPjmIsDZYD6060jSCReL5G73AeHPxCMhDRt4==
or you can just use this command to do it all in one shot:
$ ./sbgrid-cli migrate-account smith_b_123i jdoe nPjmIsDZYD6060jSCReL5G73AeHPxCMhDRt4==
If all goes well, you should see :
$ ./sbgrid-cli migrate-account smith_b_123i jdoe VJmj0xjVA1ovzbXjDEhfYhAqcAu9lnpopalT==info: Verifying the new credentials & running installation (1/3) Checking rsync (2/3) Checking Checking Checking (HTTPS) Checking (HTTP) (3/3) Checking your installation's file permissions & ownershipinfo: Checking file OK -> /home/jdoe/.sbgrid_installer has permissions 0600info: OK -> /home/jdoe/.sbgrid/logs has permissions 0755info: OK -> /home/jdoe/.sbgrid_installer has permissions 0600info: OK -> /programs has permissions 0755info: OK -> /opt/sbgrid has permissions 0755info: Checking file OK -> user jdoe is the owner of the /home/jdoe/.sbgrid_installerinfo: OK -> user jdoe is the owner of the /home/jdoe/.sbgrid/logsinfo: OK -> user jdoe is the owner of the /home/jdoe/.sbgrid_installerinfo: OK -> user jdoe is the owner of the /programsinfo: OK -> user jdoe is the owner of the /opt/sbgridinfo: Credential verification & installation diagnostics completed successfully✔ This command will now migrate your current installation to the new account credentials.Continue? … yesinfo: Retrieving package (1/1) Setting up your Migration complete

Troubleshooting common errors

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