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Support SF restaurants & bars with gift cards

Where to buy gift cards

SF Restaurants, bars etc you can support during COVID-19 by buying online gift cards
This is a list of local San Francisco restaurants and cafes that sell gift cards online.

I created this doc because I was looking for ways to support local businesses during COVID-19. Gift cards are one way to support food and beverage businesses as they can provide some cashflow while we can't visit in person. Buy as a gift, or just for yourself to use in future!

Two obligatory disclaimers:
This list obviously isn't exhaustive - I started with places I'm familiar with but I'm sure there are many more and I'd love to add them.
- I will update as often as I can.
I have done my best to ensure links to gift cards are legit and correct, but take no responsibility for inaccuracies. Please do your own vetting as needed.

Last updated: Fri Mar 20 - thank you to those who submitted suggestions so far!
Business type
Business Name
Gift card denominations
e-gift card
Physical gift card (mailed)
Coffee shop/Bakery
(also offering 20% off beans with code WFH20)
$25, $50, $100
$25, $50, $100
$10, 20...
$10, $25, $50, $100
From $25
(online purchases only)
$25, $50, $100...

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