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Product development

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Product Development

Product development is the process of bringing an 💡idea from inspiration to 🏬marketplace. Software developers, designers, engineers, quality assurance testers, and any other professionals necessary to create the ideal product might be included in product development teams. An idea is the first step, followed by research, prototyping, design, implementation, and testing.
When a product is finished, it enters production before being launched. For a product to fulfill client wants and exceed their expectations, product development is essential. The product development team transforms the specifications provided by the product manager into a usable product that complies with the quality requirements of the business.

Difference between Product Management🤵and Product Development ⚙️

Product development is more focused on the "how" than product management is on the "what." Product managers and product development teams collaborate to produce the ideal product.
The process of controlling a product's conception, development, and release is known as product management. Various responsibilities, ranging from carrying out market research to developing promotional tactics, are included in product management.
Technical and non-technical product managers might take on various jobs differently, yet both are concerned with positioning the product for profitability.
Product development, as opposed to product management, starts with the ideation to the final products or services. The developers design, code, and fabricate prototypes, turning the product manager's study into a working product.
This template brings all the stages of development of the product at one place. You can discuss about new ideas , plan all the tasks as per organization's requirement , keep track of your team's progress , schedule events and much more.
Template includes three pages


Teams page helps you organize your sub teams -Designing Team, Engineering Team, Testing Team and Marketing Team. You can add
Bio of your each team member
Delegate task to them
Keep track of their progress
Add important meeting and workspace links of your work
List of Teams
Team Name
Designing Team
generating designs for a business's product.
Engineering Team
developing and coding of the product
Testing Team
testers looks for bugs or other more serious flaws in the product
Marketing Team
creates ideas to increase brand recognition and boost the sale of a company's goods or services.
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Product development consists of 5 pages of stages which are defined below.
List of Tasks
Task Name
💡 Ideas
Generation of new ideas for the product
✏️ Planning
Strategizing the development of the product
🛠️ Development
Bringing the idea to life
📝 Testing
Building prototype and testing
🚀 Launch/Marketing
Finalizing and launching of the product for the world
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In Discussion page , you can add new “Discussion” , organize your meeting notes and cast 👍upvote for ideas which you agree or 👎downvote if disagree.
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