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How to Convert EML to PDF with Attachment

Overview: A perfect blend of solution as EML Converter Tool to satisfy file conversion and compression requirements. At SoftwareImperial, you will find the solution for how to convert EML to PDF with attachment and all the necessary conversion and compression tools in a single location. With over 150 supported file conversion types, whether you need to convert eml files or folders with attachments as, audio, documents files, or images, you'll find what you need quickly and have your files in the formats and sizes that work best for you.

What is Document Format EML File (.eml)

An EML file is an electronic mail or email format file saved by an email client such as Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft developed the EML file to facilitate the transfer of email messages between clients.
You will learn below the way about how to convert EML to PDF with attachment using the professional and powerful tool by SoftwareImperial.
The EML file is kept as a MIME RFC 822 file, making archiving and storage simple. The file itself is simple, having only two sections: the header and the body. The header, as expected, contains information like as email addresses, subject titles, and times/dates, whereas the body contains the actual message, including hyperlinks, attachments, and text.
The EML file format is widely utilized, and virtually all email clients can read it.

What is PDF file (Portable Document Format)

Adobe Systems produced the Portable Document Format file, also known as the PDF format. PDF files are frequently utilized since they can be viewed and edited on a broad variety of computers. Word documents may be exported or converted to PDF fast, and PDF files are widely used to save presentations and images. Existing file formats are often converted to PDF format so that they can be shared and accessed simply.
PDF files are frequently identical to the original document, preserving all fonts, colors, and images. Additionally, they may be tagged and viewed on practically every device and modern web browser. PDF files can be edited with Adobe Acrobat PDF software, which was produced almost 30 years ago and is available for Windows and Mac OS.

Recommended Solution to Convert EML to PDF format

SoftwareImperial EML converter tool is the one such blended technology solution that is capable to read .eml files and enable productivity to convert EML to PDF. Single eml file or multiple eml files can be export into PDF formats. Batch conversion of eml file is easier task and nice feature delivers smooth conversion of EML to PDF format.
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EML - Description
Typically, email files created in Outlook Express and other email systems are saved as EML files. EML email messages are stored in the MIME RFC 822 format. The subject line and body of the email are included in ASCII text format in these files.
Included in the conversion of EML to PDF are emails, attachments, and hyperlinks. Users are able to export EML files for archiving and storage, in addition to scanning them for dangerous code. EML files can be read by Microsoft Entourage, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, IncrediMail, and Outlook Express, among other program.
PDF file - the document format used to read Adobe PDF data.
The Adobe Systems Portable Document Format (PDF) format provides all the features of a printed document in electronic form, including text, images, and technical data such as hyperlinks, scales, graphs, and interactive content.
This file can be seen and navigated through using the free Acrobat Reader, which typically consists of one or more pages. Journals, brochures, and flyers that are pre designed are saved in PDF format.
Our online EML to PDF format converter transforms data in a flash, without requiring any downloads. Simply upload your EML files to our web-based system, choose your options, and the SoftwareImperial eml conversion tool will handle the rest!

Follow the below processes to generate PDF files from EML.

Online Conversion of EML to PDF in just 3-5 Steps
Click the "Add Files or Folder" icon in eml converter tool. To convert an EML file to PDF, simply add files and folders as per requirements.
Configure your desired output parameters and other technical specifications. You can choose between 10 other formats, such as MSG, EML, MBOX, OST, PST, HTML, EMLx, OLM, NSF, Txt, RTF and so on. Also email servers supported to export EML file as in, Zimbra mail, Office 365 or Microsoft 365 and Gmail, iCloud, , Amazon WorkMail, Godaddy WorkMail and so on.
Then, hit Convert button feature to start conversion EML to PDF to save the file to your computer. After the file has been downloaded, a PDF reader can be used to access it.
Which application should I utilise to open EML files?
Several email clients, including Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, and Mozilla Thunderbird, can open the files on Windows and Mac computers. By replacing the extension with *.mht, the data can be viewed in browsers such as Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. By replacing *.txt with *.txt, you can open the files in a plain text editor such as Microsoft Notepad or Apple TextEdit.
How do I access an EML file in my web browser?
This requires changing the file extension from *.eml to *.mht. To rename a file, right-click it and select the rename option. Change the file extension and then confirm your choice. It should open the file in your browser and launch it. Click "View" and activate "File name extensions" if the extensions are not displayed in Windows Explorer.
How can I obtain EML files from Google Mail?
Open the email and choose the "three dots" option from the menu that appears. After clicking "Show original," the message should appear in a separate window. To save the URL as an EML file, click the "Download Original" button with the right mouse button. You may need to add the *.eml extension manually. Copy the text, paste it into a plain text editor, and save it as *.eml to do this.
Is opening the EML file safe?
It is decided by the origin of the file. If you receive an email with an EML attachment from a suspicious source, DO NOT OPEN IT! The file may launch a virus or a phishing email containing malicious links that appear to be innocent. Always use caution, and never put your faith in a file you cannot verify.
How do I use this program to transform an eM client EML file into a PDF?
It is possible to transform eM client EML documents into PDF format. All email clients that can read EML files can use the program.
How to convert EML to PDF with attachment with the trial version?
You have the option of converting up to 25 EML files into PDF format and performing an in-depth analysis of the software's operation.
Currently, I'm trying to convert 8 GB of EML files that I have stored offline on my Windows desktop to PDF format. Can I use your software to convert a very large EML file?
Don't worry about the size of the file. No information is lost in the conversion from EML to PDF, even for very huge files.
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