I believe that we can achieve incredible things when people have the tools they need to step into their own power.

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About Me

For the last two years, I’ve been developing my content marketing skills and honing my management abilities. What started as a journey in copywriting has turned into something more than I could have ever dreamed of — the unlocking of my true potential as a creative leader.
In May of 2021 as I joined the copywriting team at Cause Hack, a purpose-driven content agency with a mission to help entrepreneurs make a greater impact. As the company grew, I became an integral part of the copy team and allowed myself to learn all I could about the position. I quickly became knowledgeable of the fundamentals of SEO, the benefits of long-form content, and how to create compelling copy that helped clients grow their impact. Cause Hack doubled in size at the end of 2021 as it acquired the Fortitude Agency and rebranded as . I was promoted to Lead Copywriter in May 2022. This opportunity tested my management skills, strengthened my self-confidence, and showed me what it means to become a true servant leader who fosters growth in others. In January 2023, I became the Department Head of — Carter & Custer's long-form blog writing service. As Department Head, I create workflow processes, develop tools to optimize content creation for my team and clients, and look for new ways to produce stellar content.
As a creative manager and content writer, I am passionate about providing an exceptional client experience while fostering a friendly, growth-minded work environment. I utilize my knowledge of workflow optimization, effective copy strategy, and client communication skills to develop a space of education, encouragement, and collaboration.

Skills & Expertise


Work Experience

Content Lead | Vetcelerator
May 2023 - August 2023
Developed standard operating procedures and processes for writing full website copy in the veterinary and medspa space
Led a team of contract writers via Upwork and hired candidates to build an internal content-writing team
PParticipated in kick-off calls to gather vital client information for content writing

Traffic Multiplier Department Head | Carter & Custer
January 2023 - July 2023
Analyzed agency offerings to provide long-form content with the best quality and value for clients
Optimized workflow processes and established improved guidelines for content creation
Participated in the creation of developing sales proposals and pitch meetings for SEO services

Lead Copywriter | Carter & Custer
May 2022 - January 2023
Managed a team of copywriters to produce stellar content for clients
Created multiple client brand voice documents and sample articles that were used as a template for writing
Trained copywriters on how to implement new tools and improve their writing process

Content Writer | Inbound Back Office
September 2021 - January 2022
Wrote various forms of content, including long-form blog posts, short-form blog posts, website copy, email copy, and landing page copy
Participated in Zoom calls with clients to facilitate the best content creation for their brands
Utilized workflow software to accomplish tasks

Copywriter | Cause Hack
May 2021 - May 2022
Analyzed transcripts from podcasts and webinars to create SEO-focused long-form blog posts
Participated on a team to produce high-quality social media content
Utilized workflow software to accomplish tasks

Co-Founder & Automotive Technician | Lindstrom Family Automotive
May 2013 - December 2019
Repaired and maintained vehicles with keen attention to detail
Handled day-to-day customer interaction and invoicing software
Co-created web domain and established social media profiles


Tennessee Technological University
May 2013
Bachelor's Degree in Education
Cookeville, TN

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