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How to use OnePage Networking

A minimalist personal CRM for the rest of us
Thank you for trying out OnePage Networking!
We created this tool to be the easiest way to take notes for your networking calls. Easier to maintain than a spreadsheet or similar tools and less overkill than the “personal CRM” options out there.
We created what we believe are the best columns to optimize an effective networking conversation, as well as some convenient automations, such as quickly generating a follow-up email or adding a note on your calendar to follow up at a later date (you’d just need to connect your Gmail or Google Calendar to the doc).
To get started , and then come back to this document - you’ll see an option at the top to make an editable copy of it in your own account.
We recommend you view the page before fully diving into using the tool.
This was built , , and during Global Guild Weekend Hackathon.
Have any questions, ideas, or feedback about the doc? Contact .
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