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Jana Ray


Hi there! I’m Jana 👋

I’ve enjoyed an incredible career that’s that started in the tourism industry, working with giants like Walt Disney World 🏰and Universal Orlando 😎. Since then, I've found joy in driving results for nonprofit organizations by leveraging a number of skills acquired throughout my career including business development, sales, fundraising, marketing, government & public relations, and above-average technological skills. My experience working in the for-profit space has only enhanced my resourcefulness and my ability to drive results, enabling me to advance organizations that have the ability to make a real difference.
I'm passionate about using my skills and experience to make the good guys great.
I'm drawn to companies and organizations that strive for social impact whether structured as a for-profit, NGO, or nonprofit organization. Balancing revenue and mission goals can often be a real challenge, but is a challenge that I love. I'm eager to align myself with other organizations and individuals whose aim is to effect positive change.
Feel free to connect with me via any of the following channels, or via the company-specific links from below.

My Current Work


Chief Operating Officer / Jan 2021 - Present
Imagine starting a nonprofit during the pandemic and then watching it grow and gain international recognition! Well, that's exactly what we did. I’ve had the incredible opportunity to co-found and co-lead Canada's national seniors' advocacy organization. With a hands-on approach to leadership, we’ve worked tirelessly to develop partnerships, raise funds, and create programs that would advance policies in support of Canada’s senior population.

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Executive Director / Sep 2020 - Present
Founded and lead the only national association that supports Canada’s food truck industry. Developed the strategic vision, fostering collaboration among diverse stakeholders, and advocating for policy changes to best support industry growth and development.
Food Trucks and other Mobile Food Vendors such as food carts, canteens, craft service providers and caterers are all welcome to join.


Consultant & Leader / 2007 - Present
While I usually keep pretty busy, I still do like to make time to support organizations that need some assistance from me in a contract or consulting capacity. I like to keep things fresh and I enjoy helping small to medium size businesses no matter what their structure. I also have an absolutely STELLAR talent pool of folks I regularly work with who can help you with pretty much anything. We’re “roll up our sleeves and dig in” types who are fast learners and can step in seamlessly or plan your next big something.

Hospitality & Tourism
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Buffalo Museum of Science
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Business Improvement Associations (BIAs)
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Nonprofits & Associations
Sunshine Connected

What I’ve learned Along the Way

Business Development, Sales & Fundraising

Development Strategies: Proven track record in business development for nonprofit and private sector organizations, encompassing product and service sales, membership revenues, sponsorships, fundraising, and grants.
Partnerships & Sales: Expertise in forming partnerships of all shapes and sizes, including zero-dollar, in-kind exchanges, and group sales for venues and events across corporate, tour & travel, and SMERF market segments.
Event Planning & Execution: Skilled in planning, sales, and service for both in-person and virtual corporate events, ranging from intimate gatherings for 8 to large-scale conferences of up to 25,000 attendees.

Marketing & Market Analysis

Media Buying & Partnerships: Managed media buying and marketing budgets ranging from charitable ($0), to $1.5M, explored strategic partnerships, and provided creative direction for online, print, and broadcast media.
Digital Marketing: As an extension of building relationships, making this work in the digital space is its own effort. I continually hone my skills in a number of critical areas including demand generation, account-based marketing, email marketing, data analysis, and audience development, with the intention of driving reach, relevance, and impact.
Event Planning & Social Media Engagement: Specialized in signature or marquee event planning, PSAs, press releases, and custom social media engagement programs, along with content marketing and strategic communications.

Government & Public Relations

Lobbying & Government Relations: Extensive experience meeting with various levels of government both as a registered lobbyist as well in consultation, to advance policy to balance health inequities, improve financial security, and relax legislation where appropriate.
Media Relations and Public Speaking:
Grassroots Campaigns: Expertise in social media content curation and strategy for both evergreen and campaign deployments.

Technological Applications

Project Management & Business Tools: Proficient in Project Management suites at the admin level, Google Workspace, Slack, Google AdWords, Analytics, Meta for Business, and Business Intelligence / Data Visualization suites.
Data Handling & Financial Suites: Advanced use of Excel (or Google Sheets) and other data handlers, CRM/ERP solutions, and financial suites such as QuickBooks, Wave, and Xero.
Other Software Types: Banquet and event planning software suites, custom ticketing and reservations programs with yield management/timed ticketing, assigned seating/general admission scenarios, form handlers, WordPress, Ghost CMS and other SaaS applications.

Board, Committee and Volunteer Experience

Marketing Committee, (2 years)
Events Committee (2 years)
Advisory Committee (18 months)
Volunteer, (with several companies)
Volunteer, (Virtual Co-ops for Secondary Students during the pandemic) (18 Months)
Volunteer, Through the platform , facilitated over 50 cooperative education and work-integrated learning opportunities for students and recent graduates around the globe (Continuous)

Previous Career Experience

Education and Skills

Resources & Downloads

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