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New Years Zawiyah


What is your secret?

Know that the secret is that which is known by the heart and which cannot be known except by taste, by feeling, by revealing, and by witnessing. All these are states in which the intellect has no place. The people of this witnessing are those of the Muhammadan essence in whom the secrets were hidden in their highest essence, and which manifested from them and for them.
~ Sidi’s explanation of the Wazifa

Time in Zawiyah is precious indeed. It is a chance to witness whatever may be between you and Allah, go through it, & inshallah return home to your Truth.

Take your chance at the end of the year, to reflect on & remember your essential inward Truth, the one which is not dependent on any outward manifestations.

May Allah Enlighten & Enliven your heart with His Continuous Overflowing Light, in all the ways you are needing. And Allah Knows Best!

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"Know that Allah created the RUH for the human from the purity of the divine lights, and He established this light from the overflowing of AL-'AMA, which is the darkness before anything became manifest...
In this state the RUH is in the ultimate purity.
Sidi, Path to Allah Most High”

Divest ~ Surrender ~ Renew
Your unfolding in Zawiyah awaits.


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The retreat starts at 9:00am on Friday December 29th
and ends at 5pm on Sunday December 31st.
To get the most value out of the retreat, we invite you to arrive Thursday afternoon & depart Monday morning (after the New Year’s Eve Khalwah), at no additional cost. This allows you to settle in, savor, & integrate your experience. Inshallah.
This zawiyah will be held by Rahima Stipl and the Zawiyah Team.
Daily Morning
6:00 Fajr
6:15 Practices
8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Check in
12:30 Dhuhr

Daily Afternoon
1:00 Lunch
2:45 Asr
4:00 Check in
5:00 Maghrib
6:00 Dinner
6:45 Isha
7:00 ʾAdʿiyah
Community Gatherings
Friday 11 AM
Friday 12.30 PM
Sunday 7 PM


Register by December 20th.
$540 USD, double occupancy.
$630 USD, single occupancy.

Cancelation Policy
Once registered, if you need to cancel your participation please notify us via email at .
After December 26th 2023, the tuition is non refundable.



Three retreat days, with accommodations.
Meals included are breakfast, lunch and dinner for the three retreat days.
Sufi practices in group.
2 daily check-ins in group.
We have space for nine participants, follow your heart’s calling and register soon.

This Zawiyah is available to all beloveds.


Our program takes place at the International Peace Center. Serenity and relaxation await you in this splendid Moroccan-themed strawbale building, featuring six charming guest rooms.
Choose a private or shared space, we offer three single occupancy rooms, and three double occupancy rooms. All of our comfortable rooms are equipped with ensuite bathrooms, and our shared rooms’ ensuites are segmented -offering added privacy.


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Established in 2003, The Farm of Peace is the heart of the Shadhuli tariqa on the east coast. Follow a mile-long drive down a gravel lane and you will find 150 acres nestled between other farms, state game-lands, and the stunning foot hills of the nearby Allegheny Mountains of south-central Pennsylvania.
A two-hour drive from Washington, D.C., Baltimore or Pittsburgh, the Farm of Peace features a retreat and healing center, a working farm and a spiritual community; offering a holy space to deepen our spiritual walking, uncover the beauty and the secrets within our deep heart.
The International Airports that serve our area are Washington Dulles International (IAD) and Baltimore/Washington International (BWI). For domestic travel Ronald Reagan Washington National (DCA) is also an option. All three airports are within a two-hour drive.
We can help you coordinate airport transfer from/to BWI, DCA and IAD. The fee is $110 each way, paid to the driver in cash. This service is offered by community members, between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm. If you must arrive outside this time frame, please contact us to see if this can be accommodated.

Get In Touch

If you have any questions, or want to connect please email

With love,
~ The Zawiyah Team

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