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Astraeus Defense


Welcome to Astraeus, a beautiful planet adorned with scars from past conflicts yet abundant with resources. Deploy units, conquer your opponents and extract crystals.
Astraeus Defense is a free to play, competitive multiplayer sci-fi game that allows players to take on the role of one of eight unique alien races. Each unit has unique attack and defense types that interact with one another in a rock-paper-scissors fashion. The game takes place on a single-lane map, with gateways and a base on opposing ends of the map. Astraeus Defense allows players to mint, own and trade their in-game & .
The objective of the game is to research and place units that are sent down the lane to battle enemy units, in order to generate income by deploying units & destroying enemies. Players must harvest resources while managing their army, re-positioning and upgrading their units & buildings in order to defend their base, generate income and send increasingly more powerful waves of units, eventually overpowering the enemy’s armies and destroy the opponent's base. The winner not only takes home their haul of resources, but also takes some of their opponents loot.


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Astraeus Defense

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