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Scarface 1920 card support
Scarface 1920 card support

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General FAQ page

Basic Concepts - Crime Rate

When is the Crime Rate marker increased?
Immediately after the whole process that gives rise to this increase has been carried out.For example:- By playing more than 2 cards in the plan, once 3 or more cards are placed on the table, the Crime Rate level of the corresponding player is increased by 1 or more.- Fulfilling an order.
The corresponding increase will happen at the end of the whole process of that same order.- When using a skill of a card, once that skill has been performed, and before using another skill or performing the order if it has not been performed yet.

If a raid ensures that the time marker is on the extra box, Should an extra phase be immediately carried out?
´An "Extra phase" only needs to be performed when a player is reorganizing and the time marker is on the "Extra! Extra!" box.
If the time marker is in the "Extra! Extra!" but no one is reorganizing, the game continues as normal.Likewise, if a player is reorganizing and the time marker is on the "Extra! Extra!" box then you must start executing the entire "Extra phase" even if it happens that when solving the Raid, the time marker is delayed one position; the "Extra phase" has already started and therefore it must be finished, and that will imply the advance of the News and relocate the time marker to its initial position.

Basic Concepts - Raid Cards

There is a raid which requires players to remove business tokens from their controlled districts. If the nightclub token is removed, will the neighbourhood flip back to daytime-side?
No, it doesn't. You keep the neighbourhood with the night-side up ( Remember that you don't remove your gang upgrade cube too).
Can multiple raids happen due to a player hitting level 11 during a raid?
No, If there is an effect that causes a player's CR to go to 11 while a Raid is already triggered, then that will not trigger another Raid.

Basic concepts - Deals

A deal is either a single card or a stack of deals with each one tucked under another. If an effect asks you to remove a deal for example you would either remove a single deal or multiple deals if they have been combined
Deal Storage - how is this calculated?
Your deal storage is the total of all the ‘top’ deal cards visible to you added together. Do not count cards that have been tucked underneath to make larger deals
Deals and Dealers
Dealers refer to the number of actual Dealer cards you have. Deals is the number you have created out of them. therefore if you have tucked some of your Dealer cards under others to make combined Deals your number of Dealer cards will stay the same but your number of Deals will decrease
If you have a Deal made up of 3 Dealers, and an effect refers to Dealers, then it applies to to all 3 Dealers in that Deal. If an effect refers to a Deal, then it applies to just that one Deal.
So if the effect says to spend 3 MONEY for each Dealer you have, you would have to spend $9 for that expanded Deal. If on the other hand, it said to spend $3 for each Deal you have, you would only have to spend $3 for that expanded Deal.
Redzen Games Team

Cards above equal: 4 Deals made up of 7 Dealers.
The Thug going to the large Deal on the left would need 5 MUS to gain:
Dealer supply 1: 10 Booze, 1 Gun
Dealer supply 2: 10 Booze, 1 Gun and 4 of either
Dealer supply 3: 10 Booze, 1 Gun and 8 of either

If the Boss O’Bannion used his ‘B’ Skill at this point he would take 4 Booze or Guns (One for each Deal, not Dealer)
Below the Deals are marked in Green. Their total storage is marked in Red

Basic Concepts - Adjacency

Neighbourhoods exist inside districts. Figures, police etc are all placed inside a district and can freely co-exist with each other.
Everyone is NEXT to one another WITHIN a district border
Everyone is ADJACENT to one another ACROSS a border
Borders denote districts, the city doesn’t wrap around

Basic Concepts - types of card

Can I count other cards as associates?
No, if the Job (or any other effect) says "Associate" then is MUST be an Associate card. Gang Members do not count.
Gang members are your boss, right hands and starting gang members. Associates are any card purchased from the market row
Do Boss and Gang Member cards also count as associates when they're in the discard pile?
To count towards Job requirements?No, only the cards that have the word "Associate" on the bottom left (in tiny printing) count as Associates for anything that references "Associates" (Job requirements, money for Associates in your Discard, etc.)

Basic Concepts - Sales

Hypothetically I believe you can use the counsellor in a big enough plan with enough influence to make 2 sale actions by dividing the total influence, but you’d have to declare that before doing so and you’d still have to put a thug on the underworld both times and raise the crime track respectively.
This is 100% correct.
I’d be curious how this works with the saloon keeper whose bonus skill says something like “make a sale in a neighbourhood with a speakeasy you control”. Assuming that condition about the business marker is true i think you wouldn't be able to rechoose a neighbourhood since the definition of a sale starts with choosing one where one hasnt occured yet
You would be able to do this. The key is the wording for the Sell in the Neighborhoods Order:"Choose a Neighborhood you control where you have not made a previous sale during this Order"So the restriction only applies while selling as an Order. You could use Saloon Keeper's matching skill on the same turn (provided you have enough resources) since the sale is being done on a separate action.
But if Redzen says a skill isn't an action and part of the power of the saloon keeper is that exploit then i wouldn't be surprised either
A Skill is an action, and an Order is also an action. Actions consist of Skills, Jobs, and Orders.
Redzen Games Team

Basic concepts - matching skills on associates

I have multiple special abilities to perform, do I need to have multiple copies of their matching skill suits?
No, you can use the same card to perform both matching skills.
If the casino owner's matching skill requirements are fulfilled, I can sell in one neighborhood. But do I have to send one thug into the underworld or is this not necessary?
If a skill from an Associate lets you do an action that is normally an Order, you do not have to send a THU anywhere to do it; it is "free" in that sense.
So in your example, you could use the Casino Owner's matching skill to make a sale in a neighbourhood (with a casino), and you could then use your Order for something else.
Do note that the Casino Owner (and similar Associates -- there us one for each type of business marker except nightclub) only lets you make one sale.

Action turn - Orders - Move cars, trucks and thugs

Can a piece (car, truck or thug) do different movements with the same order?
No, you can’t. Just one movement per moved piece is allowed.

Action turn - Orders - Upgrade your gang

From the FAQ: If you level up your Dealers Supply to Level 3, it looks like you actually get *three* additional resources for each dealer that is part of a successful deal, is that correct?
No, it isn’t. Dealers Supply stats value at level 1 is 0.
For each level in Dealer Supply you take either 1 or 2 (depending on level) additional resources when you activate a Deal per number of Dealer cards that make up that Deal. So if you have a Dealer Supply upgraded to level 3 (2 extra resources) and a Deal which is comprised of:
1 Card Deal : 2 extra resources
2 Card Deal : 4 extra resources

And so on.

Action turn - Skills - Matching Skills

Can you do a basic skill of a card, do any skills of other cards, orders or even jobs, and then do the matching skill of the first card?
Yes, you can.
Page 25 of the Scarface 1920 rulebook.
Can i just use the matching skill effect of a Card and don't use the normal skill or to use the matching skill effect I first need to fullfill/use the normal skill? You can use the Associate's matching skill without first using their standard skill.
Redzen Games Team

Removing figures

Are figures removed after combat?
After neighbourhoods are seized any thug figures or vehicles there are not removed and simply stay there staring at their opponents. Also note that there is no game mechanic that removes vehicles from the board; they are on there until the end of the game. This ensures that you always have board presence and cannot be completely wiped.
Where can Thugs be 'hit'? Only in districts? Or also in Prison, Authorities, Underworld and Headquarters?
From the glossary in the rulebook:Hit (THU): Whenever a THU is hit it must be placed in your Safehouses. You cannot choose to hit one of your THU located in the Safehouses or the Slums.So you can Hit a THU that is anywhere but the Safehouses or Slums. It is a good way to get those THU from the Underworld before they end up in Prison, or get them out of Prison if you have quite a few in there and not enough Lawyer level to get all of them out on a Reorganization.Redzen Games Team

Enforcers - Tom Lee

Does his play instead of a Thug ability mean you can play him on every single turn and send him to a Deal, then again next turn, then to the Authorities etc? Anywhere except districts without limitations on how many times?
As long as the Order requires sending a THU and Tom is not in Prison, then yes, you can use Tom each turn.
Redzen games

Solo player Game Play

Game Set Up - Enforcer Setup

Does the Enforcer receive like all players 10 dollars in his set up?
Yes, it does. This part is missing from the Solo Rulebook, Enforcer Setup, number 29 : TAKE 10 DOLLARS FROM THE GENERAL SUPPLY AND PLACE THEM IN FRONT OF THE ENFORCER SETUP.(* Many thanks to Alex Florin aflorin to be an inspiration for this FAQ section)

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