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Smart-add event with Google Calendar

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Smart-add event with Google Calendar

This is a template to illustrate how a Coda doc can add events and appointments to your google calendar.


Another way to add a quick event is to leverage Google's text extraction feature. This is a fancy word for "please guess what I want to add to my calendar based on my short description". In the table below the button uses the Quick Add formula from the Google Calendar Pack. When you click the button it takes your note in the "Follow-ups" column and sends it to your Google Calendar. The Google Calendar unpacks the text and creates an event in the appropriate spot on your calendar. The table also confirms that the event was added in the "Added" column with a link to the event!


1️⃣ Add a follow-up. Try different descriptions to see how it will show up on your calendar.
2️⃣ Once you have created a followup click the button to add it to your calendar.
Set aside Time
Quick Add
Meeting with TJ tomorrow at 10am
Make time on calendar
Meet for coffee with Preeyanka this Friday at Starbucks
Make time on calendar
Finish Documentation by next Monday at 9am
Make time on calendar
Review completed features Thursday from 10am-noon
Make time on calendar
There are no rows in this table

👉 Check out your to see what shows up after you press the buttons!

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