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Grant Proposal

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Interview Questions

The value of your project and why you are looking to build to the NEAR ecosystem

Streamline the connection between projects and talent. We will continue to do this as we have done over the last 18 months, and we will do this proactively, unlike other NEAR native job boards.
We are NEAR’s first in-house, human-centred consulting and recruitment service provider.
We want any project needing to fill knowledge gaps or recruit new talent to go through OWS and we want to attract new talent to fill the right project positions in the NEAR ecosystem.
Our goals are to:
(i) increase the industry/ecosystem knowledge/know-how of NEAR projects,
(ii) reduce the time spent looking for human capital by NEAR projects, and
(iii) facilitate the job searching process on NEAR for talented individuals.
So, the value of our project in the NEAR ecosystem will be:
Create a central, easy to use, reputable platform for all talented individuals wanting to work in the NEAR ecosystem.
Specialise in NEAR knowledge/know-how so that NEAR projects can consult us about their NEAR ecosystem knowledge gaps.
Specialise in proactive recruitment, headhunting and HR management so that projects on NEAR don’t have to - giving them more time for development and growth.
Projects and individuals on NEAR need to be able to trust each other for those things that can’t be put on the blockchain. We vet both organisations and talent on NEAR so that they don’t have to vet each other. Allowing a trusted and trusting ecosystem and reducing the appeal for spammers and untrustworthy parties to work in the NEAR ecosystem.


Our main competitor is Beexperience.
Our main difference is this:
Experience in the NEAR ecosystem. There is no proof they will be successful at doing these operations. We have been doing it for 18 months and know how to continue.
We hold countless relations and contacts with NEAR projects.
Competition is healthy. Results are unknown. This will make us both grow more effectively.

Justification of the grant amount you have applied for / price breakdown

Monthly Spend
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Talk about previous team experience

Jacopo - Leader

Working in 2019 for an Australian NFP that provided crypto donation solutions to world charities (Red Cross, UNICEF) Jacopo worked as a educator, managing and onboarding new charities.
After 10 months on the OWS team, he now leads OWS into its next phase: becoming NEAR’s first in-house, human-centred consulting and recruitment service provider. Being the in-house developer and product manager at OWS for 10 months, Jacopo has total know-how of OWS’s platform and product direction, making him the best candidate for leading the team toward a new technological iteration and ecosystem expansion. Complete product and operations knowledge is a pre-requisite for successful management.

Valery - Business Strategist

Valeriy has supported numerous NEAR ecosystem projects (Datality, NEAR Balkans, NEAR UA, 500 seasons) as CMO, Strategy Advisor and COO. With a background in project management and 14 years of experience in Innovation, Marketing, and Blockchain & Supply Chain Strategy, Valeriy is excited to be joining the OWS team as business and marketing strategist.
Valeriy has robust knowledge and experience completing and building teams al the way to End Market, on a Regional and Global level. This knowledge will be implemented to guide OWS into ever-developing a strategic team and direction. His International marketing experience across 7 countries in Tobacco, Beauty Care & Laundry & Homecare Blue chip companies will allow him to identify the market, strategise outreach, and guide product development.

Ana - CPO

Ana began her career in digital marketing, working as a project manager with brands including Uniqlo, Sensodine, and Voltaren. After gaining experience in traditional marketing, she grew an interest in Web3 and joined Open Web Sandbox in June 2021. During that time, she helped dozens of projects find talent, and ran an educational program.
Ana has been the project manager at OWS since May 2021, with dozens of personal NEAR project connections. NEAR projects have been in contact with Ana from MVP to early-stage; she has been managing our clients from OWS’s inception, making her the perfect candidate to coordinate project operations and relations. Ana will drive clientele expansion and project management coordination at OWS.

Valentina - CTO

During her studies, Valentina developed a ticket-sale patform, allongside her colleagues, based on blockchain technology: searching to eradicate the counterfeiting and resale of tickets in massive events. The Pontifical Catholic University of Chile awarded not only funding for the development of the platform but the first place in the Engineering Innovation contest of that semester.
Valentina was present the day OWS was founded. She has worked closely with education efforts within NEAR, such as the NEAR Hispano bootcamps, certifying herself as a Near Analyst. Additionally, she has helped shape OWS internal structure and data interaction since day one — making her an expert on how the project operates. Now, with more than a year of experience at NEAR she guides technological development and technology strategy within OWS.

Present a demo of proof of concept (if available)

Provide clear milestone description and deliverables

Pre-requisite to grant

Our pre-grant milestone (using the remainder of our funds: $20k) is to
Develop a short-term marketing strategy (outsource marketing consulting: $1,800) and focus on
Twitter growth (outsource SMM manager Max: $1,000) by the end of July.
Bearverse results. Googd.
finalise the development of our platform (UI and backend: $1,000) so we are ready to begin the next phase (milestone 1).
This pre-grant milestone, with the addition of OWS’s payroll and overheads ($7,200), will reduce our funds to <$1,000.

First Milestone (M1)

Due date: September 31st (2 months to complete)
Our first milestone is the qualitative result of
increasing OWS’s brand awareness in the NEAR ecosystem, making OWS the go-to digital hub for NEAR projects looking for hands-on recruitment services.
The method to achieve this will be the short-term marketing strategy and Twitter campaign.
Already started with Bearverse campaign.
The deliverables to show we have achieved the first milestone will be the quantitative measure of
(i) increasing OWS’s talent database (contributors: atm 1200) by 15%,
(ii) 10 projects paying fees, and
(iii) $1000 monthly revenue from project fees.

Second Milestone (M2)

Due date: October 31st (3 months to complete)
Our second milestone is the qualitative result of
(i) continue increasing OWS’s brand awareness in the NEAR ecosystem, and
(ii) proactive strategy for recruitment and consulting of new NEAR projects; consulting for grants and business strategies.
The instrument to achieve this will be the long-term marketing strategy and campaign, and in-house consultants. The result to show we have achieved the second milestone will be the quantitative measure of
(i) Increase talent database by 15%,
(ii) $500 total monthly revenue from client consulting services,
(iii) 15 total projects paying fees, and
(iv) $2,000 total monthly revenue from project fees.
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