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This will be an assignment containing questions which you will need to answer and submit.


You are required to create basic working database environment with visualization (database diagram) & simple documentation (max. 5 pages) containing:
1-1 relationship
1-many relationship
CHAR, INT, DateTime, Primary key, Foreign key
At least 3 tables
At least 5 rows in each table
Basic CRUD with Entity Framework

Also create 5 queries that together at least cover CRUD capabilities & utilize join command. You can make use of the following
Nested Queries
2 math functions, date, ranges, where, sort, top

For VG, do everything mentioned in the above steps. Alongside, add the following things:
4 queries covering CRUD & Join
two extra tables
many-many relationship
Group By
Clearer motivation in the simple DB documentation for your DBs

Submission instructions:
You are required to submit the following things
A .sql file containing all code for creation of your environment: db.sql
A .sql file containing all code for your queries: queries.sql
A .pdf file containing description of all your steps, tables, database design decisions, queries including screenshots of the output


+ Databas för en skola (studenter, lärare, kurser, skolor, betyg, schema)
+ Databas för en fabrik (produkter, personal, inventarie, regler)
+ Databas för planeringssystem ( schema, utförare, uppgifter att göra, olika kalendrar)
+ Databas för webbshop (produkter, ordrar, erbjudanden, kunder, fysiska butiker)

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