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Monthly Updates Draft

Audience: Benefactors (e.g., Orlando, Fr. Lino)

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1/ Progress

6 trained mentors (Target: 12 by June).

We have our user journey for mentor and mentees (Miro)
Website landing page (80% completed)
Timothy Collective Brand Identity
Screening criteria for mentors and mentees
3-Beer Pilot FAQ
A pitch deck (
Internal Knowledge Management tool (Coda)
User Research (
New Mentor Formation Director (Tom McCabe)
Communication Platform (Threads, a Slack alternative).
Three mentors have shared their personal tesitnomy at RC young men Team Leads.

2/ Plans

Launch website to internal RDC audience for mentorship
Partner with Michael Lyons on long-term roadmap to sustainability
Create offboarding and transition guide for Inoh's replacement
Match Mentors and mentees June 1st
Schedule update call with benefactor

3/ Problems

Of the 30 RC men who signed up in November, only 20% of mentor candidates have completed modules. On one hand, men who have completed the training (7-12 hours), have lauded the program as a must do, saying they learned new insights. Many of them have enjoyed the blend of training and prayerful contemplation from going through the curriculum. From those who haven't prioritized the time or make progress, we see a few patterns:
Lack of understanding from mentors why they need to complete the training
Mentors losing momentum because of the module stage gates prevent people from completing more than an hour at a time.
Feeling of isolation when no one comments on their insights.

How we plan to address this issues:

Work with newly appointed Mentor Formation Director lead to revise the curriculum to reduce content redundacy
Move forward with the existing trained mentor and learn from their matches.
Enlist the help of trained mentors to lead pods of RC men in monthly discussions to reengage
Share regular updates on the Timothy Collective.

4/ Inoh editorial

my personal commentary, commentary, musings and impressions

In many ways, Timothy Collective has been a "zero to one" project. While the idea of mentorship remain core to the product, the last three months have been about better understanding our differentiation, brand identity, grappling with the "hard side" of the marketplace, aka the time-strapped mentors with limited availability.
I'm elated to see the final pieces coming together.
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