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The Digital Leader's KPI: the speed at which you transform the right information into the right actions that drive the right results.
A Note on Tools: tools work for humans. Humans don't work for tools. The tools below should help you. If you ever see that you're working just to please a tool, let us know.

Ingredients for Digital Work

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Metrics = tracking
Initiatives = actions (project management)
Master Brain = your company's lore

How to Balance Your Day Online

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Meetings are for:
• Clarity and team alignment
• Identifying problems in real time for important projects
• Discovering solutions together with the team
• Strategic planning
• Educating and training individual team members on 1on1s
Meetings are NOT for:
• Getting updates to things you already have access to
• Asking questions you should have the answer to
• Hiding your responsibility on another team member
• Doing the work that should have been done before the meeting

Raul's Hard Rules For Meetings

1. Never leave a meeting without planned action items, assigned with one owner, and have clear expectations on the follow-up.
2. Never go to a meeting without an agenda or goal
3. If a meeting doesn't produce an outcome, you're wasting time
4. Remember: today is the only today we have. Your time and your team's time is precious.

The 4 Buckets of Meetings

1. Strategic meetings
2. Edifying meetings
3. Action oriented meetings
4. Fun/team building/bonding meetings

The All Weather Meeting Agenda

1. Touch Base - Team Bonding: Share Quick Wins (5 minutes)
2. Work through strategy/questions with progress on KPIs & initiatives (reviewing team update)
IF THERE ARE NO QUESTIONS, go round the horn to review high level initiatives from each team member and review how you can support them (20-40 minutes)
3. Recap action items with clear ownership and review if we need a separate meeting to discuss new items that came up during this meeting (2 minutes)

The 12 Point Perfect Meeting Plan

Meetings are like icebergs, the majority of work that happens before and after a meeting is hidden.
1. The title of the meeting
2. Meeting length
3. Purpose of the meeting
4. Updates Structure (how will you send updates before the meeting?)
5. Project Management space dedicated for this team meeting (where will you store action items?)
6. Who is involved and needs to be on the meeting
7. Who is leading the meeting
8. Meeting agenda
9. Meeting frequency
10. Meeting time
11. Meeting link
12. Touch-and-go communication channel (where will texts, voice, video messages go outside the meeting?)

The Universal Async Update Structure

Wins From Last Week
Your KPIs/Goals
Team's Performance/Pacing on KPIs/Goals
Top 3 Actions to Hit KPI
Support You Need From Team

Taming Slack In Less Than 15min Per Day

Select Preferences
Under Sidebar select:
All Unreads
All DMs
Mentions & Reactions
Saved Items
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Slack Daily Workflow
Only use these tools to navigate Slack
Start with unreads
Go through all your messages and messages that can take you less than 2 minutes to respond do so immediately
For messages that may take you longer to respond, use the LATER button
Do the same for all threads
Once you clear all unread messages, you will end up with messages in your Saved Items “inbox”. Block off 1-2 hours per day to complete the work under the Saved Items inbox.
If Items are longer projects, add them to the Project Management Tool and scope with the team
From experience managing teams across 12+ timezones (I stopped counting at 12), here are the best universal times to check your Inbox for Slack Messages & Email
Morning Check-In to prep for the day (after you’ve gotten your most important work done) 10 am (local timezone PST/EST)
Mid-day check-in: 1 pm (local timezone PST/EST)
Note: These times may vary depending on your team bandwidth, team size, project load, and personal communication preferences.

Simple ClickUp Elements

Company Departments can be broken down into SPACES or FOLDERS
Lists = Projects
Invite the appropriate team members on the list needed -
Every project must have an owner - who will be responsible for seeing it to its completion and keeping team accountable for their work
Must be written as a VERB (action format) + what’s it for/end outcome i.e. “write 5 part email sequence for lead magnet optin”
Must have a due date
Must be assigned - if the task is not assigned, it will not get done
Must have ETA time estimate for completion (multiply the ETA time by 1.5 to add buffer time).
Recurring tasks = every team member must set up their daily, weekly and monthly recurring tasks in their appropriate company HABIT (i.e. Podcast Scheduling Recurring Every Week)
Statuses = the phase in which is task is in. Ideally we use a simple SCRUM.
To-do = backlog
Up Next
Check your notifications for
Comments and updates on tasks you are part of
If you are using Click Up only notifications and do not want email notifications, disable emails using settings

Setting Up Projects in ClickUp

Go to the appropriate SPACE or FOLDER (department)
Click add new LIST
Inside your list use the Trifecta of Digital Work
ACTION: list out all the action items in VERB format with deadlines, assignees and ETAs
INFO: link or copy/paste all important information around this project so no one has to ask "where is is doc".
Also ensure the team has access to VIEW and EDIT any docs you share. Goal: never have someone wait on you as they "requested access".
You can add documents via the DOCs feature, whiteboard or Embed Google Docs directly. You can also add documents inside the TASKS themselves.
Who is involved
Key actions/milestones
Relevant docs, tools, logins etc that the team needs to access
Where we will communicate/update the team (Zoom meeting time/Slack channel updates)
determine the appropriate SLACK channel to send communications.
Also use the ClickUp COMMENTS to send TASK specific communications (will make your life easier and tracking specific communications faster/easier) instead of checking 15 different places on an update on 1 task.

Daily ClickUp Use SOP

Check Notifications for comments and updates on tasks being watched
Check HOME to complete the tasks due for that day
Enjoy your day ?🙂?

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