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100 Days Challenge

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How to keep track of new habits

100 days challenge

There are a lot of methods to develop new habits. One of the most known is the “100 days of code” challenge. This method evolved, being recommended for any habit and now is called “”. X is the habit you want to acquire.
There are two basic rules for the challenge:
💪 Work on your habit for minimum an hour every day for the next 100 days 🐦 Tweet your progress every day with the hashtag of your chosen challenge
To help you with that, this document organizes the challenge tracking.

Challenge tracker

Inside the page you will find a challenge selector, so you can choose any of the suggestions to start. If your challenge is not listed, feel free to add a register in the table.
After choosing your challenge, select the start date. The end date will be automatically shown.
Every day you will click the “Register day” button. It will add a register to the table with the current date and show a form with the “Notes” field. By clicking the “Post tweet” button, a tweet draft will be created with the challenge day, the first 200 characters of your notes and the selected challenge hashtag.
For using the Tweet function, you just need to be logged in Twitter.
The 📊Stats section shows your progress, the remaining days of the challenge, your commitment in the last 7 and 30 days, and the number of tweets.
The 🗒️Notes section shows your challenge days with the correspondent notes.
To start using this document, play around with the examples and then wipe the example data in the page.


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