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Hola a todos!
Aquí comienza el curso de capacitación rumbo a la primera feria denominada “Publicidad + IA”
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Durante este evento se compartirán muchos recursos en este sitio, asegúrate de guardar el enlace. También estará en la descripción de nuestro Grupo de WhatsApp ✅

¿Qué puedo encontrar aquí?

→ Aquí encontrarás los detalles de las sesiones de capacitación.
→ Tendrás la información para la siguiente sesión.
→ This contains all the information and additional resources as per the sprint, this will be filled by the instructors during the sprints. All extra information that has been discussed during the sprint or shared, will be added here
→ This page will contain all the recordings of the live sessions
→ Whenever we create an assignment, this is where you can find all the details related to it, alongside the submission link and deadline
→ This page will contain all the social links of your experts, you can connect with them either via the Discord server or through their socials
Here’s a Loom Video to take you through this document (Duration: 2 minutes)

How the next 30 Days will work?

The WhatsApp group and the No Code 30 Discord server are the main sources of information throughout the next 30 days.
Whenever there is a live session, the event link shall be sent 1 day before the event (on Whatsapp and No Code 30 Discord Channel) - you can also find the link and timings on
You can choose to put your own reminders for the live sessions, or register via Luma (this link shall be shared along with the meeting link as well - 1 day before. Luma will automatically send you emails few hours before the session to keep you updated.
Most of the live sessions will be held during the evening (there are exceptions during the weekends when it will be held in the mornings) - do check the timings in
If you have any questions related to No Code 30 and the process, you can reach out to me directly on WhatsApp or No Code 30 Discord Channel.
If you have any questions when you are stuck with a tool, you can directly reach out to the experts via No Code 30 Discord channel (please ask all your questions on Discord only!)

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