Wedding Planner: Keep track of guest list, table chart, and program for the big day!

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Wedding planner to keep track of your guest list, dietary requirements, table chart, and program for the day!
This Coda Doc aims to help you with the herculean task of planning your wedding!
Here you will find pages to keep track of your guest list and RSVPs, as well as the table chart and program for the activities on the day of your special event.

Here is a summary of the purpose of each of the pages in this doc:
: This is where you will enter the names and other details for all of the guests on your list.
: As you start hearing from your guests, this is where you would record their RSVP and dietary requirements.
: Use this filtered list of just the guests who have confirmed they will attend to assign Tables to each of them.
: This is an auto-generated list of just the guests with dietary requirements. Print this page and share it with your catering and waiter staff.
: This is another auto-generated list that you can use to ensure your guests know what table they are sitting at. Consider printing this on a larger poster so it’s easy to read.
: This is your program for the big day! Consider sharing with your photographer, videographer, DJ, MC, catering staff and anyone else that may need it.
: Finally, this is where you can keep track of who you have sent Thank You cards to.

The could serve as your homepage - a visual summary of the key information as you manage your guest list

I hope this helps you stay organized and relieve some of the stress of planning your exciting wedding day!
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