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IKAUE GA4 Tools and Resources

Extract data and interactions of your GA4 items in an easy-to-use format:

Generate queries to simplify the ecommerce data that GA4 exports to your Google BigQuery. Create a new version of your tables with that data so you can query easier and cheaper.
In addition, these tables can be connected to Google Sheets, Looker Studio or the tool of your choice as they are flattened and do not use RECORD or ARRAY data.

1. Google Analytics 4 Google BigQuery (GBQ) table location

GBQ Project:
GBQ dataset:
GBQ table:

2. Select Date Range

Start date:
End date:
Do not use dates, create a parameter (@run_date) for scheduled queries
Days to be subtracted from the scheduled day

3. Select global data fields to extract

item_id and item_name aways are extracted.
device_category + device_operating_system + device browser + geo_country
item_category (1 - 5)
item_brand + item_variant
item affiliation + location id
item coupon
(creativity and promotion in next updates)

4. Create Data Filters

no-consent data (pings with no granted analytics_storage)
No filter
this data stream ID’s :
(comma separated)
this event names :
(comma separated)

5. Actions (event_names) to extract

Events/Actions with Items to watch:
(comma separated)

6. Item_list_name values to extract

Extract list group 1:
List name:
List names to get:
(comma separated)
Extract list group 2:
List name:
List names to get:
(comma separated)
Extract list group 3:
List name:
List names to get:
(comma separated)

Your Google BigQuery query to model

GA default extraction tables

Set as subquery using “WITH”
1. Copy query to clipboard

Your SQL Code:

ERROR: set GBQ project an dataset fields

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