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To begin working with the plugin you will need to do some preparation.
Check the video instructions

Getting API keys and base URLs

1) After logging in to your AirTable account head over to and generate an access token.
when creating a token enter a name, select scopes and bases you want to token to access.
for the scopes, select data.records:read and data.records:write scopes, without these scopes the plugin wont work.
after clicking create token, copy the token and save it.
2) Then, open , click on your AirTable base and copy the base ID that you can find in “Introduction” tab. Your AirTable Base URL will be{baseID}.
3) Inside Bubble go to “Settings” and open API tab, check “Enable Workflow API and backend workflows”, “Enable Data API” and select all the tables that needs to be synchronized, then click “Generate a new API token” to get Bubble API private key.
Do not forget to tick the “Use Field display instead of ID for key names” checkbox.
In here you can also find Bubble’s base URL, copy “Data API root URL”.
4) Now go to the plugins tab inside your Bubble app and select Bubble to Airtable Two-way Sync Plugin, then fill in the fields:
AirTableToken with AirTable API key from step 1.
AirTableBaseUrl with AirTable base URL from step 2.
BubbleToken with app private key generated in step 3.
BubbleBaseUrl with Data API root URL from step 3.

Create tables and required fields

For this plugin to work properly each table in Bubble and AirTable must have special fields. Bubble tables must have a field named “AirId” and AirTable tables must have a field named “BubbleId”.

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