Ali Hasanov
[обо мне] — Привет, я Алишер Хасанов

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I'm a digital media/tech entrepreneur with a passion for building businesses with big reach.
I've spent my entire career building remote first companies. Previously, I was _____________________, one of the world's biggest tech conferences and technology news sites, acquired by the Financial Times.
More recently, I've helped launch and grow a number of other digital brands such as The Spaces, FACT, Bridal Musings, The Vinyl Factory and The Store.
I'm now focused on designed to bring efficient collaboration & communication to freelancers, contractors and agencies... (or anyone part of many different people, communities, groups & teams!)


Product Manager at Dotcom
2015 - 2016
Computer Science B.S. at University
Go cougars!


Writing project briefs
Launching consumer products

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