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Template to contact the Attorney General's Office

Template to contact the Attorney General's Office

My name is ______. I am ____(a student at UW/a community member/etc).
Currently students on UW’s campus are protesting and asking that The Career and Internship Center amends their employer user policy to prohibit companies in the fossil fuel industry from recruiting on campus nor using the Center’s services in any capacity to engage with students. I am aware that the attorney general’s office is responsible for approving changes to the UW career center’s employee policy.

After several meetings and an attempt to work with the executive director of the UW career center, we were met with strong refusal and told there was “absolutely no way” the career center would adopt such a policy.

On November 28th, members of ICA began sitting in the career center lobby. Students sat from 9am-5pm everyday through December 15th, the last Thursday before winter break. The protest resumed on Wednesday January 4th, and students are occupying the lobby from 3:30-5:00 pm daily.

I stand with the students protesting and am asking that Bob Ferguson and the Attorney General’s Office as a whole stands with them as well. When the amendment is added to the employer user policy, I ask that when the employee user policy of the UW career and internship center is amended to prohibit the fossil fuel industry from participating in any relationship with career centers at the University of Washington, Bob Ferguson approves it.
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