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What is FFU?

Fossil Free U (FFU) is a grassroots campaign organized by a coalition of students and professors at UW to eliminate all traces of Fossil Fuels within our university. UW has deep ties with the fossil fuel industry, from massive natural gas infrastructure to multi-million dollar investments filling industry pockets. Motivated by the environmental injustices of today and climate disasters of tomorrow, Fossil Free U envisions a future in which the University is a national model leading the just transition. Recognizing that the costs of inaction are disproportionately borne by frontline communities, Fossil Free U stands in solidarity in the fight for climate justice. By mobilizing the UW community we can drive this dangerous industry out of our university, and envision a just and equitable future for our campus and global community.
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What are FFU’s demands?

Fossil Free U’s demands can be summed up in simple terms; don’t take fossil fuel money, don’t give fossil fuels money, stop building fossil fuel infrastructure, transition away from fossil fuels use, and don’t conspire with fossil fuels.
By not funding fossil fuels, the University of Washington will divest the $124 million it has invested in the fossil fuel industry.
By refusing fossil fuel money, the University of Washington will refuse donations from fossil fuel corporations and lobbying groups.
By “stop building”, UW will end new fossil fuel infrastructure being placed on campus.
By transitioning away from fossil fuels, existing fossil fuel infrastructure will be phased out (UW Purchasing & Operations being decarbonized.)
By not conspiring, the University of Washington will eliminate promotional advertising, and end career fairs or other events which promote and funnel prospective employees into the fossil fuel industry.
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What action is FFU taking?

Inspired by the organizing tactics of diverse social movements, Fossil Free U is using tactics like community education, institutional negotiation and direct action to achieve its ends.
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How can I join FFU?

There are numerous ways to get involved! Whether you like making graphics and art, digging into research, reaching out to friends, or just showing up to participate and learn more, the Fossil Free U campaign needs your help! Sign up for more info and updates from the campaign via the links in the : . Also join our Discord below or find our linktree in the Instagram linked under “ICA Contact.”
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