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Mission & Goals

Institute for GOD Mission Statement
An institution of higher education that develops students to be spiritually mature, globally conscious, competent professionals, who practice their Christian faith in any context, making consideration for the poor and marginalized through education, advocacy, and empowerment.
Developing spiritually mature, competent professionals for global impact.
Institutional Goals
Academically Equipped
Equipping students to continue their education at the next academic level
Imparting abilities and passion for lifelong learning
Professionally Equipped
Preparing students to build the Kingdom of God in secular or ministerial occupations
Spiritually Mature
Retain extensive knowledge of the Hebrew Scriptures and New Testament
Demonstrating consistent practices of spiritual development
Evidencing spiritual maturity
Showing a concern for using their education in service to God and others
Globally Conscious
Developing the ability to clearly articulate biblical truths and concepts
Embracing responsibility to participate in the Great Commission
Concerned for the Poor and Marginalized
Making consideration for the poor and marginalized through education, advocacy, or empowerment.

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