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Template HRM - Sick Leave Per Month

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How to make best use of this template

Why this template?

To enable European employers to see the split between the hours they pay for per month and the hours the government steps in for.
The base rule we apply is that the employer pays for the first three consecutive working days some one is sick and this as many times per month as possible. The rest is for the government. Excluded from paid sick leave are official holidays and other non working days.
Using the template avoids making mistakes when it comes to calculating paid sick leave per employee

What is the native Coda function to solve this puzzle?

There is none. This is a tailor made solution fitting specific company needs mainly in Europe. This example governs practices in Bulgaria (3 days paid leave by the employer) while in other EU countries comparable but different rules apply (more or less days paid by the employer). The 3 days in our example is a variable in

How to test this template?

Dealing with the sick leave implies a few variables:
the employee
the official holidays
planned vacations
start and end date sick leave
working day logic (a student for example only working Fri, Saturday & Sunday, somebody else 4 days a week, 6 hours per day)

Quick Start

To speed up the demonstration I prepared most of this data for you and related it to a few employees. You enter the sick day period (start & end) and this outputs:
the next working day
an updated monthly balance showing
hours paid by employer (first three consecutive working days)
hours paid by government (all the rest)
the table adds automatically a new month and or a new year when we need one.

Target Group

This template is not intended to replace your official payroll management system. However it works very fine as a replacement for all sorts of lists living in spreadsheets and other tools throughout the organisation.
It serves best in companies that deal with - from a Coda perspective - irregular work weeks, which may be very standard and normal in your part of the world. It permits you to be flexible and to inform your employees properly without too much hassle. You cannot make mistakes as long as the work planning is up to date.

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