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Template HRM - Next Working Day

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How to make best use of this template

Why this template?

One gets sick on Wednesday Oct 12 and is also sick at home on Thursday 13. On Friday, Oct 14, there was already a day off planned (vacation). So far so good. But here it comes. On Saturday 15 the week planning turns from 5 days to 4 days and in this planning the first working day is not a Monday, but a Sunday (to compensate).
The employee is expected on Sunday. With this template you avoid mistakes.

What is the native Coda function to solve this puzzle?

The Coda Formula Language contains a function to deal with the next working day when you work between Monday - Friday and your weekend is always on a Saturday and Sunday.


When you never work on for example Wednesday, you can cheat a bit and add all Wednesdays to the holiday logic. This will work, like for any other day or multiple days if you only work on Monday & Thursday for example. As long as you respect the basic premise that a weekend is defined as Saturday & Sunday and you never work during weekends, this function works fine.


Large parts of the world are governed by rules and view points that do not align with this perspective.
This template is for all those people in need for something more dynamic.

How to test this template?

Dealing with the next working day implies a few variables:
the employee
the official holidays
planned vacations
sick days
working day logic (a student only working Fri, Saturday & Sunday, somebody else 4 days a week, 6 hrs per day)
more about this in

Quick Start

To speed up the demonstration I prepared most of this data for you. You enter the sick day period and this outputs:
the next working day
the hours somebody has been sick
an updated balance

Target Groups

This template is not intended to replace your official payroll management system. You don’t want to make that big step with Coda in
. However it works very fine as a replacement for all sorts of lists living in spreadsheets and other tools throughout the company.
It serves best in companies that deal with - from a Coda perspective - irregular work weeks, which may be very standard and normal in your region. Maybe your weekend is Friday & Saturday. In this case this you benefit from this template
The time saving aspect is obvious, but more importantly it helps you to avoid painful mistakes of all sorts.

Template for sale?

No it is not. However you can hire me to implement this template. I charge 125 Euro per hour and at least 8 hours per week for at least 4 weeks in a row.

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