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Divorce Doc

Doc to help you make the best out of it
Preparation (max 10 min)
Start with filling out the table about people involved:
Add the addresses the children stay, this could include grand parents →
Before we start planning, we define the holidays:
Go to → and select the holidays for which you plan to make an exception on the yet to write standard planning. You can do this for the next few ones, no need to plan ahead for one year or even more.
The planning (+ / - 30 min)
This document permits you to work with a standard planning (one you define) while you can make exceptions for holidays. In general the simpler the better. However you are free to agree on any set up. The basic rules are simple:
there are even and odd weeks
there are 7 days per week
there are 2 parents
there are children
The easiest combination results in 14 lines (7 days per parent) in a scenario there is only one transfer per day and all children stay together. The moment you have multiple transfers per day and or split the children it becomes complicated: each choice adds a line in . A table with 14 lines is the smallest number,
The result
An overview per date of where the children are and if there is change, what time (per child). The couple has clear overview for the next months or even years. This can be part of any more formal agreement between the parents.
Since the set up is easy and goes fast, you can play around to see what it gives and you can adapt and test for longer periods what works for you and the children.

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