Style Guide

Use Coda to store color related information
When I work with clients it feels good to follow their color scheme in the documents I create for them (mainly overviews, financial reporting and planning tools). I have a look at their site and pick the colors and sometimes also images I like to reuse in my presentation. The images I store in a table (not shown here), the colors I store as below. The Color URL below helps me to find colors that go well with the colors I found on their site.
Shape - Rectangle
When the doc is used as a mobile application, I make sure that the look and feel supports easy navigation. Colored shapes sometimes come in handy to show different parts of the page.
The creation of a shape on the canvas requires a few few elements:
with in pixels (for example 1024)
high in pixels
color in hex and between “” like “#0cb4ce”
and optional a text you see when you hover over the shape, but I leave it away most of the time

Rectangle(1000,50) -> Black Shape

Rectangle(1000,50,"#0cb4ce") - > Color you of your liking

this is text appearing when hovering over the shape


Coda provides some tools to play around with colors, but not a lot for the moment. Colors offered in butons and tables are predefined. Since presentation is important to Coda, I guess they’ll solve it over time permitting us to set any color as we see fit.
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