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Doc 01 | How to Coda a guest list?

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How to use this doc

Follow-up on a guest list

The problem it solves

Keeping of track of guests and the distribution of specific roles over the guests. In our example cooks & instructors. You type the name of the person and you confirm the presence or add a new person. The roles available are linked to a table telling how many you need.
Everybody who once had to deal with keeping track of volunteers or a technical team may benefit from this.

This doc contains the working examples used I explain conceptual relevant steps to help you to understand faster how this works. In case you just want to use this doc as an instrument to keep track of your guests without playing (a bit) with the code, you can.
A few values you need to change:
The content of the table
The roles in and their respective numbers
The values in in the search box (you see the number
The values for new row in the Lookup column in

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