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Days, Weeks and Months

How to get started?

Speed up your learning curve and save time
Structure of the template
Three chapters outline the main options:
Sub pages contain specific routines for the scenarios we came across.
If you miss a scenario, please contact us with a concrete use case.
How to use this Template?
Press a button → get the data range and copy - paste it into your doc.
Copy - Paste a page into your doc as the starting point (only possible with edit rights).
Who benefits from this template?
Anyone who has to do with planning on a regular basis and lacks time and or the skills to get the results shown. The formulas contain valuable insights you might want to use in other contexts as well.
In short: this template speeds up your working process and learning curve.
Is there support?
The templates are made to be copied directly into your main docs. If you need support, we can set up online training (1200 Euro per day, group of max 8 people) or you buy support hours (as of 250 Euro per hour running down to half once you buy 24 hours per calendar year or more).
Projects start as of 10K Euro. The template is for sale.
(1429.90 Euro → , Ref: Template 21.05.05-T1)
Something I need to know?
First and foremost that uses the USA date time notation by default. However I make use of the table settings to turn March 4 into 04 -03-2021 and April 3 into 03-04-2021 , that is different from what Coda shows as default. Second when using week numbers I apply the standard week number logic meaning the week starts on Sunday, not the that starts on Monday.

In short: once you have access to the doc and its content (including the formulas) you can use them as you see fit. How you apply them is your and yours alone, I am not involved nor responsible. If you have purchased this template, you also do not intend to share the formulas on a commercial basis with somebody else. This I cannot check, it is a matter of courtesy.
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Want to print your doc?
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Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
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