My perso doc on date issues

To speed up my work and to save time
Structure of the doc
Three chapters outline the main options:
Sub pages contain specific routines for the scenarios we came across.

Something I need to know?
First and foremost that uses the USA date time notation by default. However I make use of the table settings to turn March 4 into 04 -03-2021 and April 3 into 03-04-2021 , that is different from what Coda shows as default. Second when using week numbers I apply the standard week number logic meaning the week starts on Sunday, not the that starts on Monday.
Can we hire you?

Yes you can. Below my pricing and a section about me. The process:
we have a call (maybe a second one) for free
we decide on the scope of the project
→ confirmed to you and me by email
we start the project and work as good as we can to reach the goals set
I invoice each month

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