DB Pricing

Make your choice: per month or per project
Below the pricing model applied in my client work. The follow up of the work is done via the table , while the project manager goes here for a and .
DB Pricing
Option 6 - €17,500.00 Per Month
Per Month
Option 5 - €10,000.00 Per Month
Per Month
Option 4 - €5,000.00 Per Project
Per Project
Option 3 - €2,000.00 Per Project
Per Project
Option 2 - €1,580.00 Per Project
Per Project
Option 1 - €225.00 max
Per Hour
There are no rows in this table
We indeed discriminate between projects and months. A project can run over multiple months and the speed of advancement relates both to the availability of the consultant and the client. Monthly projects require the consultant to make him / her available during that month for the time agreed on. To have a project in full speed, this is the way to go, while in the beginning when concepts require clarification a project based approach is wiser. You need time to find out what is matters, to see what is a have to have and a nice to have.
Project Duration
A project takes max 4 month, which means that the consultant has max 4 month to consume the time. However in case the consultant needs information of the client to proceed and this information is not coming, the fee is due anyway after 4 months.
As of and Until
In the blog below you find the explanation between the concepts As of and Until.
How the principles apply in our work
In general we start with a project based fee. Might it happen that during this first project the collaboration stops before the planned amount of time was consumed, we look at the worked hours and apply the Until logic. This avoids that the clients has to pay the full price (the amount related to the project) while the consultant gets a bit of compensation for the effort made. A small example to clarify.
The client agrees on a project of 5000 Euro, including 45 hours of work. Due to unfortunate circumstances the client cannot proceed. In the first example the consultant worked 6 hours. 6 hours means in this context 6 * 225 = 1350. In a second example, 18 hours have been worked and this would have been 18 * 125 = 2250 Euro, in this logic anything on top of 40 hours would be 5000 Euro.
Once a project is in it’s second phase we continue with the as of logic. When we commit to a monthly fee, the full amount is due, always.

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