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Use this free doc to understand the costs of lending

Free To Use

This template is based on work I did for a client. i started off on the wrong foot trying to mimic a spreadsheet approach in Coda. The insight grew that Coda offers a way better experience if you stay close on the ‘how to Coda logic’. Code related details you find

How To use it

You fill out your details in and you see the results coming. You can then scrape them and copy the values in any doc or sheet of your liking

Who benefits from this template?

Anyone who wants to understand how much to pay for a loan in two scenarios. Or you pay a fixed fee every month or you pay less over time. This first is often sold by banks, the latter is cheaper.

Is there support?

If you need support, we can set up online training (1200 Euro per day, group of max 8 people) or you buy support hours (as of 250 Euro per hour running down to half once you buy 24 hours per calendar year or more). Projects start as of 10K Euro. The usage of this doc is for free

Something I need to know?

Nope, this is a 100% free doc you can benefit from as you see fit.
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