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CoEx - Interest Rates

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Easy interest calculations

Fill out a table with a few simple tricks

Structure of the template

Two approaches to solve the same problem differently

How to use this Template?

Though it works and provides results, in my understanding is a bit too complicated. The complications stem from the mix of “vertical” and “horizontal” logic I have to apply to get the spreadsheet feeling. You can use this template by making a copy of the tables and the controllers. I would nevertheless advice to follow the . However most viewers may feel more comfortable with the approach.


If you want to understand better how Coda works compared to a spreadsheet, this is a good starter. Besides if you deal with interest calculations, this one is useful if you lack time and or the skills to get the results shown. I added additional pages in which I explain the major parts of the formulas. I decided to do so seen the complication you create by mixing a spreadsheet logic with ‘the Coda logic’. Anyway and as often
the formulas contain valuable insights you might want to use in other contexts as well.
In short: this template speeds up your working process and learning curve.

Is there support?

The templates are made to be copied directly into your main docs. If you need support, we can set up online training
(99.90 Euro → , Ref: Template interest calculations)

Something I need to know?

I used the Euro currency format, you can change this to any other format.
I do not have any T&C. In case I would have them the summary might be that once you have access to the doc and its content (including the formulas) you can use them as you see fit. How you apply them is your and yours alone, I am not involved. If you have purchased this template, you also do not intend to share the formulas on a commercial basis with somebody else. This I cannot check, it is a matter of courtesy.
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