Background on AQL

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How To Coda an AQL logic?

An essential element is the calculator. Online you find a lot of them, like
. These calculators mostly output letters and numbers.

We take it one step further. You fill out a page and you get a summary with instructions and random numbers.

In this template you get the numbers, including the random numbers, you archive each request and you can email instructions to the inspection team of duty. The template supports the often used Single Sample Plan and the lesser used Double Sampling plans and this for a wide variety of thresholds. Experienced Quality Mangers know how to define the relevant criteria for their specific business.
The basic parameters are:
The lot size, this is the total amount of units ready to ship
The choice for a Single Sample or a Double Sample Inspection
most of the time the Single Sample is applied
The Inspection level (often General II)
The Quality level
Major defects (often 1.5% or 2.5%)
Minor defects (often 4.0%)

The result in case of a Single Sample is something like:
Sample size 200
Major defects max: 14
Minor defects max 21

Additional Parameters are
The box size like 125 units or any other number you use in your shipment logic.
The PO number
The Manufacturer
The Inspection Team
The Sample Size
The boxes to ship
The boxes to check
The random numbers to find the boxes

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