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To speed up your AQL processes and archive results

Structure of the template

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4 - Get an overview of your requests

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How to use this Template?

Copy - Paste this doc in your doc
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Change the email sending address via settings
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Who benefits from this template?

Anyone who has to do with quality control on a regular basis and lacks time and or the skills to get the results shown. The formulas and the set-up contain valuable insights you might want to use in other contexts as well.
In short: this template speeds up your working process and learning curve.

Is there support?

The templates are made to be copied directly into your main docs.
When you don’t understand the logic, we can have a 30 min call for free.

This template is for sale.

Contact me to see how this solution fits into your process.

Something I need to know?

First and foremost that uses the USA date time notation by default. I follow the standard date notation. The week starts on Sunday, not the that starts on Monday.

I do not have any T&C. In case I would have them the summary might be that once you have access to the doc and its content (including the formulas) you can use them as you see fit. How you apply them is your and yours alone, I am not involved. If you have purchased this template, you also do not intend to share the formulas on a commercial basis with somebody else. It is a matter of courtesy. I am not supporting anyone who fails in this regard.
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