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Blivande: Open Finance

Last edited 381 days ago by Diana Monsberger
You are looking at the financial plan of Blivande. We keep it transparent because openness builds trust with our community. Being open about money is key when building a cultural non-profit where members are stakeholders. This document is open to all, but only updated by
@Finance lead
, currently
@Diana Monsberger
. Once per month,
@Diana Monsberger
updates this document and reports the current state of our finances to the rest of the team. Project and area managers are responsible to book meetings with
@Diana Monsberger
when changes need to be made.

Updates should be made on or after the 15th of every month. Making updates once per month on a set date makes it easier for us to track how good we are at predicting our results. When updating, start by creating a new report in and use the autofill function to store the old liquidity prediction before updating the numbers.

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