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Welcome, Maker!

This is a document to track your ingredient prices and calculate recipe costs.

You will enter your ingredients ONCE (into a “Master Ingredient List”) and then use the ingredients in multiple recipes.
This makes it easier to update pricing when costs go up (or down). The new pricing will flow through to each recipe that uses the ingredient.
You can also add labor costs and material costs (packaging, boxes, etc.)
Your final cost per unit will therefore include ingredients + labor + materials.
You can then have accurate pricing, which leads to accurate wholesale and retail margins.
BIG NOTE: This method is based on WEIGHT.
All ingredients must be entered in pounds or grams.
Your recipes must be in grams.
You will need to get out a scale and weigh everything once.
BUT...once it is done, it is done.
And do need to weigh your liquids.
Example: we used maple syrup during the granola years and measured it in ounces. Just once thought, for this pricing document, I had to weigh 60 oz. of maple syrup and enter it in grams (I just measured 20 and multiplied it by 3.)
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