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These shortcuts and building blocks will level up your Coda-bilities.
There are with Coda, but some you'll repeat way more than others. Expand to get the how-to, and try it yourself.

Make a line.

Type 鈥/line鈥 in your canvas.
Choose 鈥淟ine separator鈥 from the drop down.

Line Separator.gif
Try it out.馃憞

Make a table.

Type 鈥/table鈥 in your canvas.
Choose "Table鈥 from the drop down.
Change your table name to 鈥淏est Table Ever.鈥
Change a column header.
Add text to a couple of cells.

Make a table.gif
Try it out.馃憞

Make a view.

Under your current table, type 鈥/table.鈥
Select 鈥淏est Table Ever鈥 from the drop down menu.
Change the view to the 鈥淐ards鈥 option.
Edit some text and see it automatically update in the original table.

Make a view.gif
Try it out.馃憞

Say hi to us with an @ reference.

Type 鈥淗i @Coda鈥 on your canvas.
(Hint: You can @ anyone in your workspace in or out of a table.)
Say hi.gif
Try it out.馃憞

Leave a comment.

Highlight anything on your canvas.
Click the comment icon to add a comment.

Leave a comment.gif
Try it out.馃憞

Drag & drop a template from the insert panel.

Click 鈥淚nsert鈥 in the upper right corner of your screen.
Select Templates in the menu.
Then drag one of the suggested templates into you doc.

Drag & drop.gif
Try it out.馃憞

Find more exercises like these in the .

Want to print your doc?
This is not the way.
Try clicking the 鈰 next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
) instead.