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Current Sales -

Paid Total -

2021 Glass Ceiling Broken:

2022 Amount Until $30k Ceiling Broken:

YTD Profit Margin

Most Profitable Job -

Highest Grossing Job -

TPA Breakdown

Here will have current numbers/totals on which TPA's have given us what amount of money and overall count of jobs.

We can also then calculate the running average per job against their fees (maybe throw in distance to the job) and that will let us know if it is worthwhile to keep that certain TPA as we grow.

Insurance Company Breakdown

Similar to above, except for insurance company/direct bill company (like 4 Season Construction) and that will help us become a little more predictive in possibly some year end things, mainly for adjsuters and/or direct bill companies.

FY 2022 Running Averages (This won’t pull any data until next year)

Q1: $75,000

Q2: $75,000

Q3: $75,000

Q4: $75,000

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