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Newsgle AI News Reporter

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About Us

We are a group of 2 students from taken as part of Inquiry Studies requirement of the NUS University Scholars’ Programme, an undergraduate interdisciplinary academic learning programme. Please view more information about our project
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Hnin Azali
Brenda Yang
Short Bio
Hi, I’m a Year 3 Information Systems and Economics Double Degree student at National University of Singapore. I have an intrinsic love for the idea of “connecting” people to opportunities and possibilities, thereby “empowering" them, which is why I’m interested in the fields of product management, IT-Business strategy and technology consulting.
Newsgle is my first AI/M project and had lots of fun finetuning our GPT-3 model so that it grows up to be a more mature, reliable and cool “anchor” Heidi Lines from what was previously a little rebellious and sarcastic news reporter.
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Michelle Phua
Short Bio
Hi! I'm Michelle and I'm a Year 3 Geography Major! What am I doing here building an AI? Well you see, as a lazy person myself, I'm not much of a news reader...which is why I really loved working on Newsgle! No more long articles with pages of words, just one quick search to get an overview of what I'm searching for!
(Quick tip for foodies like myself: Newsgle is great for recommending food places too!)
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