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About Us

We are a group of 4 student from CS3240 — Interaction Design.
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Hi, I’m a Year 4 Information Systems and Economics Double Degree student at National University of Singapore. I have an intrinsic love for the idea of “connecting” people to opportunities and possibilities, thereby “empowering" them, which is why I’m interested in the fields of product management, IT-Business strategy and technology consulting. Designing Shoppr has been very meaningful and fun as it solves a prevalent pain point that my university friends and I typically experience in online shopping experience and had lots of learning opportunities in every stage of the design process. I’m thankful to have worked with my creative, collaborative and dedicated teammates and share the joy and passion in interaction design with them. Owl miss working on Shoppr!
Hnin Azali Brenda Yang
Hello, I am Jean Yee. I am a Year 2 currently studying Information Systems at the National University of Singapore. I thoroughly enjoy getting creative and loved working on Shoppr with our friendly Owl :D
Tay jean yee
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Hi! I’m a Year 2 business analytics student with a love for data and design. I am passionate about creating meaningful and impactful designs that help people make better decisions.
win lae yee
Hi, I am a year 2 Information Systems student at NUS with an interest in UI/UX Design and Software Engineering. I also do watercolor illustration as a hobby :)
varrene aqyra sabrina

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