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What is this game about?

Mafia (also known as Werewolves) is a game full of skill, deception, lies, and above all lots of fun! This version has four roles in it.

What are the roles, and what do they do?

When night arrives, they work with their fellow mafia to point at a person to kill! Watch out for them!
The villager sleeps through the night, and wakes in the morning to discover what conspired at night!
Doctor and Villager
This person while being a villager, can also heal others. This person wakes up at night and applies the healing potion to one lucky person.
If that person was targeted by the Mafia, that person will survive the night!
This person, along with being a villager also has the power to see. When nigh falls, they pick a person who identity they want to see in the magic ball! When the sun rises, the identity of that person will be revealed to them
This person is responsible for moving the game forward to the next stage. Fear not, the moderator can still play the game. They could have any of the roles mentioned above so treat them just as another participant!

OK, So how do I play?

One time steps

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Hit the Next button
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Starting the Game

You will play the game here To play with your friends follow the steps below
Join the game by clicking on the button that states You are not in the game - Click to join game
You will need at least 6 players to start the game
Select how many mafias you want in the game.
After everyone has joined, select the person you want as the . The moderator is responsible for moving the game forward. Fear not, the moderator will also be part of the game.

Game flow

Once everyone has joined the game, click on start game to start the game. After the game starts, everyone will be assigned a role randomly.
The game moves through the following stages
🌃 Night time - The mafias pick a victim!
This is the first part of the night. During this time the mafias pick a victim that they want to kill. If the doctor, doesn’t heal this person, this person will die when the night is over.
🌃 Night time - The doctor heals someone!
This is the second part of the night. During this time the doctor picks one person they want to heal. They are free to pick anyone who is still in the game, including themselves. If the person they picked is the same person that was picked by the mafias, then this person will survive the night!
🌃 Night time - The seer looks at a person!
This is the third part of the night. During this time, the seer selects a person whose role the seer wants to check. When the night is over, the role of the person the seer selected will be revealed to the seer!
☀️ Day time - Time to discuss who the Mafia are
Once the day arrives, if someone was killed, then the person who was killed will be revealed. After that, everyone should discuss who the Mafia is and should cast their votes. The moderator can move the game forward after everyone has cast their votes.
☀️ Day time - Voting results
After the votes are cast, and the moderator moves the game forward, the role of the person voted out is revealed.
When does the game get over?
The game gets over, when all the Mafia have been voted out, or if the number of Mafia left is the same as the number of villagers!

Ready to play? Go here

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