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PCC Women's Doubles: Tennis Ladder


You can challenge up to three ranks up. In case a player is on ‘hold’ you can still challenge 3 ranks up excluding the player on ‘hold’. One match per week is the goal (minimum of one match in two weeks) and you can reject challenges within one week of having played a match or in case you are already scheduled to play.

Game format
Totally up to 2 out of 3 sets or just one pro set to 8... In case you can’t finish the match in time (60 minutes court rule) the player with most games wins the match.

Lag of activity (Ladder adjusted on Sunday nights only)
In case you haven’t played for two weeks after the last match was played (or the ladder started) you drop two ranks down on the Sunday following those two weeks; for every additional inactive week one more rank. After 4 weeks, you will be taken off the ladder but you can rejoin any time. The ladder will be adjusted only on Sunday nights for ‘Lag of activity’ to avoid too many changes. This rule does not apply for the first three ranked players. In case a player goes on an extended trip during the summer, let me know and I will put a hold next to their name.

Sign up
Players can sign up any time after the ladder started and will be placed at the end of the ladder. From this position they can challenge any player on the ladder for their first match.
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