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Subscription Tracker

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How it works / About this doc

thanks for looking at my CODA doc/tool.
I am a Berlin based Product Management Student at , the Co-Founder of which builds indoor farms for offices and the creator of this tool and this tool
This doc is part of my doc which included a full Task Tracker, Time Tracker, Habit Tracker and Finance Tracker. I created this separate doc for people who only need the subscription tracker.

Subscription Tracker

The subscription tracker allows you to manage all your active recurring payments such as subscriptions, insurance or rent. It also keeps track of past subscriptions and recurring payments and provides a nice overview of how much money you are spending monthly or (bi) yearly.
To use it, add your active subscriptions or payments to the Recurring Expanses table.
Add all past subscriptions or payments to the Recurring Expanses History table. Make sure to use the Start and End Date for accurate calculations.
If you want to end an Active Subscription, simple hit the End Subscription button.
The button will
Set the subscription inactive and remove the Start Date in the Recurring Expanse table
Add a new entry to the Recurring Expanse History table with the cancelled Subscription. It will set it to inactive, add the current date as the end date, and take the Start Date from the Recurring Expanses table.
The dashboard will update automatically to give you a high level overview. You can use the filters to drill into anything you want.
At the moment, there is no reminder built in, but you can easily use the Renewal Date column to create an automation with Slack e.g. that notifies you before the next big payment. As always, feel free to change and adopt this doc to your needs.
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