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About WaterSIMmersive

The overall purpose for the WaterSIMmersive project is to help community members from diverse areas and backgrounds, many of whom have been historically under-represented in key discussions, better understand their water systems; this includes understanding where their water comes from, how it is used, who relies on its supply, and how adjudication efforts can play a role in establishing water security. We are hoping that the exhibits we develop with communities across the state will inform STEM learning about natural resource management and equip multi-generational community members with the knowledge they need to make decisions to protect the health and well-being of their communities for generations.

About WaterStories

WaterStories is an opportunity for students to create projects about the importance of water in their communities through interviews and storytelling. The Smithsonian Institution offers resources for storytelling, such as the toolkit in the resources session. While the toolkit focuses more on storytelling for use in a museum setting, many of the topics covered will be relevant. We have pulled out some main ideas here as a training guide to support conducting interviews in your communities. You are welcome and encouraged to explore the toolkit further

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