Cardz Pack Guide

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Cardz Pack Guide

Cardz is a pack that creates an image using a formula, just enter the text you want and create a card with it.
Carlo Jörges



Formula that creates a large title card.
You can change the color, the small subtitle is optional, and you can even choose a font.


Formula that creates a small card for metrics.
You can add a title, large string, and change the color.

How it works

You can use Cardz on the canvas or in tables. They’re just formulas. Hover over any image, click on the pencil icon, to see the formula. When you install the Pack, you’ll be able to drag in the formulas form the side panel or just insert it like any other formula. You can use Cardz on the canvas or in tables.

💰 It costs $2 per month / per maker.
⚠️ Note that Cardz do not work on mobile.

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