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Take user research notes and then create AI generated summaries, and ask questions about your notes.

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Using the table “Research notes”, the QA table answers a question based on the information in the “AI Summary”
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Why do people want to adopt dogs?
People want to adopt dogs for various reasons, including companionship, emotional support, and to provide a home for a pet in need.
What would help people adopt dogs?
Providing potential adopters with information on the dog's size, temperament, and shedding tendencies, as well as ensuring that the adopter has experience taking care of dogs and is financially stable enough to cover potential vet bills, can help facilitate successful adoptions. Showing pictures of potential dogs can also help potential adopters find a dog that fits their criteria and lifestyle.
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Research Notes
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AI Summary
Jun 9
The customer is interested in adopting a dog for their family.
The customer and their husband both have experience with taking care of dogs.
They are looking for a medium-sized dog that is good with kids and doesn't shed too much.
They do not have any other pets at home.
The interviewer showed them some pictures of dogs that might fit their criteria.
Jun 16
The user is a retired person interested in adopting a dog as a companion.
They prefer a dog that's not too big and is friendly and easy to take care of.
They have had dogs before and are aware of the responsibilities that come with owning a dog.
They are financially stable enough to take care of vet bills.
The interviewer will show them pictures of potential dogs.
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